Video Game Coding

Monday, January 17, 2011

A long awaited update

I can hardly believe that it has been nearly four months since I last posted; however, that does not mean I've been idle! Although progress on Zelda DS has been a little slower due to some changes in my personal life, it has been steady. I decided to put together a short video of Zelous, the editor, that shows off some of the major features I've added:

As you can see, it's becoming quite a full featured editor! Of course, along with many of these changes to the editor are related changes made to the game itself, such as warping between maps and having different tile sets per map. My next post, which I hope to make soon, will feature a video showcasing these latest additions to Zelda DS.


  1. Nice work ! And nice music choice as well !
    I like !

    Now will you make my dream come true of having a 2D zelda game where you can ride Epona? :D

  2. Thanks guys! Hmm... Epona in 2D... could be interesting :)

  3. Wow, this is really cool! You can be proud of what you've done!