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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Video: Zelda DS - More Enemies and Map Warping

Once again, I've made lots of changes since the last post, but most are "back end" and not necessarily visible. However, what you can see is that there are now more enemy types that are spawned, and you can now enter a door and properly warp to a new map! You'll also notice that I "magically" warp back from the second map to the first - nope, it's not magic, this happens when I press the L and R shoulder buttons together.

I also managed to finally make the videos I upload to YouTube much higher quality! Enjoy...

I've also done some more work on Zelous (the editor) to support placing the enemy spawners on the map, but there's still more work to be done before I post a video about it. For instance, the door on the first map that warps you to the second is completely hard-coded; you can't place doors in Zelous yet.

By the next posting, I also hope to have the Download section setup so that people can download the latest version of Zelda DS and try it out, either in an emulator or on their actual DS using a storage device (i.e. R4).

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